I have just been enjoying the article in today’s Kansas City Star.  I have also enjoyed the pictures that you took.  It's still early this morning and I have had phone calls and emails from many of my friends throughout the Kansas City area.  I would just like to say thank you for your work and efforts.  I will not take up any more of your time. Just let me say thank you again. I love the article. 



Thank you so much for the article about my car. I thought you did a great job with it.



Thank you for the GREAT ARTICLE in Saturday's Kansas City Star "DRIVE" section. I have received many kind comments and accolades from friends, neighbors and co car-cruisers about how great the article was.  I am in the process of preserving the article to display with the car at cruises and shows.

The pictures were terrific in the newspaper article and on the Internet.

Thanks again for your time, attention and skills.


You guys did an awesome job on the article! We really appreciate the effort you put into it to make it a really nice piece. We’ve received lots of positive response already. Thanks so much!


You guys did a super job.  Have received calls from friends that I haven't heard from in years who saw the article and photos.  I look forward to reading about other cars and their owners as I'm sure your other readers are as well. Thank you very much. 


It was a great article. Appreciate the coverage. You did a swell job showing the true roots of hot rodding. 

We really appreciate your talent.