VIDEO ADVERTISING Digital Video - Video Player ad experience

Multi-platiform video opportunities include:
• 15 second videos
• 30 second videos (skippable after 15 seconds)

Targeting options
• Channel
• Platform (desktop, mobile, etc.)

• Reach the affluent audience with your brand and message
• Allows businesses to deliver their message in a high-quality video environment
• Provides a richer experience for users and is an effective way to get a customer's attention
• Trusted content environment - high journalistic standards


Streaming video offerings allow advertisers to run their video message in front of video content online ( :15 or  :30 pre-roll spots).

Targeting Options
• Channel
• Demo
• Behavioral




youtube trueview targeting

TrueView targeting allows advertisers to serve YouTube viewers a  :15 or  :30 second pre-roll ad with the ability to "skip ad" after 5 seconds. This solution uses a CPV (cost per view) pricing model, which allows the advertiser to only pay when ads are viewed to completion.

YouTube Display

A 300x250 unit appears alongside the YouTube video player allowing the advertiser to reach a large and highly engaged audience.



Let The Kansas City Star help you build trust and engagement with customers through the use of Native Advertising. Designed to match the visual look of, native ads integrate the content into the page and let the reader consume it in a normal flow. The Star does the work for you. We have partnered with Ebyline and its network of freelance journalists across all 50 states to provide timely and relevant content that feeds an audience need.

This is a full screen ad. Example is not actual size.

This is a full screen ad. Example is not actual size.



Features & 
Benefits of Native

• Drives consumer engagement while being unobtrusive
• Enhances branding when the content is relevant and credible
• Highly visible placement on the left-hand rail on a front page channel
• Reader has the option to go to the customer's site landing page where stories are cataloged
• Enables the life of the content to be extended
• CTR and time spent rate are enhanced by Native Advertising
• Advertiser owns the content created by Ebyline
• Native ads have higher engagement. On sites that have both native and traditional ads, native ads perform better when analyzing engagement metrics